IT Solutions You Can Count On

IITC delivers customized IT solutions tailored to customers’ business needs and goals. Many businesses rely on a patchwork of disparate IT equipment that has been acquired over time to solve problems as they arise. At IITC, our engineering focus enables us to create IT solutions that will meet needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Utilizing current resources when possible, we create a road map for clients’ information technology that includes procurement of new equipment when necessary and a thorough plan for integration.

Don’t rely on the next sales cycle for your IT needs. IITC can deliver an integrated, cohesive solution that will help you realize your vision today and evolve to meet future business goals.


IITC provides end-to-end virtualization assistance with industry standard VMware solutions.

SAN Storage

Break free from vendor lock-in with Nexenta’s open storage architecture.
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Disaster Recovery

Replicate to a secondary corporate site or replicate to our SAS 70 data center.
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Business Continuity

Allow your business to function after a catastrophic failure of your datacenter.
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